Tokidoki Karl Lagerferd

Tokidoki, Karl Lagerferd

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One thought on “Tokidoki Karl Lagerferd

  • 28 marzo 2014 at 13:38 pm

    Hello Sheena!I am a Second Year Graphic Design student at an Art University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.I was wonrideng if it is possible to get your permission for a project I am doing.The project: to design a book to display a chosen designer’s works.I would not be displaying your works in public, it is simply a mock-up of such a book.Would it be okay if I did my project on you? Your work really inspires me, I find it amazing, colourful, and completely unique. It would be wonderful if I could do my project featuring you, and I would even send you all the research and information I find, for your approval!Thank you so very much!!Dina

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