Hermès en Facebook

With spring in the air, and with it a host of new beginnings, Hermès is delighted to be greeting you from this our first official Facebook page.

We have long been touched by the warmth of feeling towards Hermès amongst the Facebook community and felt the time was right to jump into the arena and bring you Hermès’ own particular voice.

We hope you enjoy the mix of video, games and photos and look forward to sharing much more with you over the coming months.

You’ll also find a little special edition launch postcard from us to share with your friends.

Happy H-surfing

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One thought on “Hermès en Facebook

  • 12 junio 2010 at 18:46 pm

    Hola guapa, ultimamente estoy hasta arriba de trabajo y paso por aquí corriendo, pero no me olvido de tí. ¿Como va tu web para las pulseras?

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